During our most recent Quarterly Business Review with Google Adrac was identified as having out performed Peer Partner Agencies in several key areas (summarised below).

Our focus to provide excellent customer service coupled with exceptional campaign performance helped Adrac achieve (what we believe to be) one of the highest ratings of partner “Performance and Customer Care” levels globally within the Google Partner program.

Adrac Google “Performance & Customer Care” – Q1 2016.


And the praise doesn’t end there;

  • “Spend by Product” Adrac achieved a 25% higher product split than our Peer Agencies meaning Adrac are utilising more of the variety of products Google has available to deliver results for our clients than our Peer Partner Agencies.
  • Adrac campaigns demonstrated a 228% higher usage of negative keywords when taken as an average against our Peer Partner Agencies meaning the quality of the traffic Adrac generate for our clients is cleaner and thus more likely to convert.
  • “Advanced Adwords Feature Usage” when taken against our Peer Partner Agency averages, an overall 23% more frequent deployment over the quarter.

The message was clear and reinforces the “Highly technical, Specialist agency” status Adrac has enjoyed for several quarters.
We have little intention of explaining exactly what we do to achieve the results our customers are accustomed to but read into the summary and;

  • Tight traffic controls,
  • A focus on conversions, coupled with
  • Focus on higher returns on investment
  • A deep understanding of advanced paid search platforms and
  • Excellent customer communications and interaction

Help Adrac deliver the highest levels of Performance and Customer Care across the full range of Google partners globally.

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