There are few if any businesses that shouldn’t be harvesting the enormous potential of digital marketing. With the power to increase awareness and traffic delivery for even small local businesses, the question “how can we use digital to enhance our business?” really should be the first question on every business owner and marketer’s lips.

Though that question should be a no brainer to ask, it’s something quite different to find the answer to. It’s even harder sometimes to find an answer that is actually relevant to your individual business needs.

So, now you know to ask the question, how do you go about answering it? Do you hire in a digital expert? Do you give your social media savvy niece an internship? Do you embark on a course of digital education and take on the task yourself?

All of the above scenarios are plausible approaches but they all carry risks and/or limitations. Digital experts come at a premium and the best ones are always in high demand. These individuals tend to work inside larger agencies where their value is maximised versus their cost. Cost aside, well rounded, multi-discipline digital marketers are very rare as many tend to specialise in specific channels. Hiring savvy interns is a cost-effective solution and these won’t be in short supply, but without any digital leadership, how do you maximise utilising your new adolescent workforce or really monitor the benefit of having them aside from regular social media posts?

All of a sudden self-educating in digital seems like a good idea doesn’t it? After all you’re keen to understand it yourself anyway right? But here’s the tricky bit. As a business owner and leader, you’re no doubt thinly spread already managing other facets of the company. Where are you going to find the time to learn everything you need to know and how long will it take before you’re confident enough to put it all in to practise and start to reap the returns? Even if you do become a digital guru, are you then going to implement and manage all of your digital marketing needs yourself and run your company? Probably not, hence the issue remains.

The conundrum we’ve just played out is the reason more and more businesses, even small and start up brands, are outsourcing their digital marketing to agencies like Adrac. Here are some of the basic reasons you should be considering working with us, as a proven digital agency that contractually guarantees to deliver you conversions, too:

  1. There are substantial cost benefits to outsourcing your digital marketing

There is a slight irony here as it’s often the immediate cost factor which is highlighted as the primary downside to hiring a digital marketing agency. In reality though, when you’re looking at any internal hiring mechanics, the cost of taking on new full time employees is always greater than hiring an agency. It’s also a much more significant commitment. Learning and taking on some of the work yourself is also going to come at a cost, the cost of your time and that of any courses, training, software or resources you’ll need to invest in as you set about becoming a digital professional. So not only is the most important person in the business taking time away from other areas, but there is the time delay between learning and starting the activity.

In contrast, outsourcing gives you access to an experienced, capable and proven professional with all the required tools and a clear understanding of how to get the most from your digital activity at a fraction of the cost it would take to employ that person directly.

  1. You’ll get access to premium tools and services that otherwise may not be available to you

This reason for outsourcing ties in directly with the cost savings vs hiring conundrum discussed above. There can also be 3rd party costs associated with running digital marketing activity yourself. In order to meet the high standards of modern day digital marketing there are many tools, services and online platforms available, the best of which come with a cost attached. Established digital marketing agencies like Adrac already have these subscriptions, tools and other relationships in place, meaning that by contracting us, you’ll have access to the same benefits of having these available for your marketing activity without you having to pay directly for them.

  1. You’ll get reliable deliverables

With any decent calibre marketing agency, your contract with them will have at least some set minimum deliverables. These will usually be listed either on a reoccurring basis or to be filled during the course of a contracted time frame. At the very least these should show you work to be delivered over the agreed period of time so you know just what you’re for. With the best will in the world you cannot guarantee internal hires will deliver against the same cost, to the same standard and to the same performance or output every month. If an agency wants to get paid they must deliver what they have agreed to deliver.

Adrac goes one step further – we contractually guarantee conversions, so you know exactly what you’ll get back from your agency investment.

  1. You can tap into multi-discipline expertise and use this to power your business forwards

As previously mentioned, if you want a full scale digital marketing approach then you need to have access to multiple digital disciplines. Hiring a workforce to cover this would not only come at a huge cost but finding the talent would be very difficult indeed. With an agency partner like Adrac, you can ensure you’re contracting a partner with all the knowledge, data and talent you need to execute your desired campaigns in one place.

Choosing an agency rather than going it alone means that the service you outsource too will more often than not deliver the same kind of campaigns on a regular basis. This means you not only have individual channel expertise but also can access individuals with experience delivering multi-channel campaigns at the same time.

If you’re ready to learn more about outsourcing your digital marketing, speak to our team here at Adrac today for a no obligation series of digital marketing reviews