It’s been a busy few months at Microsoft, with a whole host of new tools and options rolling out across the Microsoft Advertising ecosystem. If you have a Microsoft paid search campaign, here’s our roundup of the latest developments to ensure your campaigns are up to date and using every applicable resource available to you.

Reach expanded across dozens more countries

Over the course of the last month or so, Microsoft has significantly stepped up its global reach with dozens of new countries added to the network. This marks the second time this year that a large global expansion taking place, with this latest phase seeing a whole host of countries in Latin America and Asia Pacific coming online, including the Cayman Islands, Bangladesh and Japan.

Microsoft says it plans to add a total of 103 new international markets to its ad platform in 2022, meaning by the end of the year advertisers will be able to target consumers in more than 150 countries worldwide.

New Ad Creator for improved advert visuals

Back in May, Microsoft committed to giving advertisers more support in crafting visually appealing adverts. Ad Creator makes it easy for advertisers to pull in images from their website, edit pictures and add smart effects such as background colour and background blur to make the ad creative stand out.

Multimedia Ads spotlight visual storytelling

Microsoft says it is also shining a light on visual storytelling and helping advertisers to really stand out with Multimedia Ads which see images used alongside the standard ad headline and text description to grab the attention of consumers browsing. Security company ADT was invited to test the adverts with Microsoft and reported a 9.5% uplift in return on advertising spend and a lower cost per click.

Cash back promotions

Cash back promotions are another new type of ad promotions to be made available to Microsoft advertisers over the last couple of months. This gives shoppers cash back on their purchases, with the amount of cash to be offered as a rebate displayed on the ad text to encourage conversion. Microsoft automatically decides on the amount of rebate to be offered to the shopper based on that user and the ad in question.

Microsoft Audience Network developments

Microsoft Audience Network has also seen a series of changes, with the addition of new ad formats and easier management. The two most notable updates are the piloting of video ads and the introduction of multi-asset audience ads.

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