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Feel confident you’ve not missed any of the big news stories from the last few weeks in search with our five-minute roundup of the most interesting announcements and new developments.

Twitter testing and launching a host of new features

While Twitter has been making headlines of late for its stalled takeover by Elon Musk, the social media site’s engineers have been hard at work designing a whole host of new features.

One of its most interesting announcements was that it could be about to make its longstanding character limit a thing of the past. It’s trailing a new tool called Notes which would allow users to write much longer Tweets which would see creators able to add formatting, including bold text and links, embed Tweets and add a GIF, video or as many as four images. It also comes with a focus mode which allows for the Notes composer interface to go full screen.

Notes is currently in the beta phase with a small focus group of writers in the UK, USA, Ghana and Canada. No word yet on when it may be extended to other countries and accounts.

On the advertising front, Twitter has also confirmed the roll out of Campaign Planner following a successful test last year. Campaign Planner helps advertisers to model their ad results before they launch a campaign. The forecasting tool will predict metrics such as reach, impressions and placement. It’s currently available to advertisers in the UK, USA and Japan, but is scheduled to roll out to more users in the coming weeks.

Another new addition is Branded Likes, which will allow advertisers to create custom Like animations via their ads interface. This drives greater engagement but was only previously available to big brands.

Facebook owner Meta says fake reviews could now earn a lifetime ban

Fake reviews are an ongoing problem for platforms like Facebook, Yelp and Amazon. After the Competition and Markets Authority identified thousands of Facebook groups trading in fake reviews last year, Meta has started to take action beginning with a new user policy which has launched in the USA.

It says that any brand found to be incentivizing reviews directly or indirectly, or anyone attempting to manipulate reviews and ratings would be subject to punishments that could include having their accounts temporarily or permanently restricted. Meta says it will use human and automated checks to identify fake reviews but acknowledges it will take a while to get the policy right – meaning it could be rolled out to other countries once the wrinkles have been ironed out.

New ad format goes live on Pinterest

Pinterest has launched a new ad format called Ideas. Described as an immersive, multi-page ad, this type of ad was created so brands could “showcase ideas in action” with consumers seeing this type of ad 50% more likely to exhibit brand recall.

“Shoppers can visit the brand’s website, get step-by-step breakdowns, view ingredients lists and materials, and so much more,” Pinterest says. “Through video and image content, Idea ads offer advertisers a creative canvas to share all of the inspiration and information needed to turn inspiration into realisation.”

Idea Ads can also be paired with creator partnerships to create further impact.

Google says Googlebot will only crawl first 15MB of a page

Google has updated its Googlebot guidance this month and says the bot will now only crawl the first 15MB of a page before stopping. With just the first 15MB of content considered for indexing, you’ll need to ensure that any content you want to be crawled and ranked sits within that first 15MB limit.

Google core update complete

The core update which Google began in May was finally completed mid-month. Known as the May 2022 core update. With it now finalised, you shouldn’t see additional volatility in search rankings.

As ever with its algorithm updates, Google didn’t provide any specific details as to what would change or what the update would target. It also refused to disclose what percentage of search queries would be impacted but did stress that as ever, you shouldn’t make knee-jerk reactions if rankings have been lost.

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