The end of the year is nearly upon us – which means there are just a few weeks left to get all of this year’s marketing done and dusted and gear up to deploy your new strategies in 2020. Just because the year is winding down doesn’t mean the news is letting up so, to help you stay fully informed in these busy last few weeks, we’ve rounded up some of the key new stories breaking lately.

Google maintains search ad revenue dominance

Google continues to rein supreme at the top of the search ad revenue league table according to the latest industry figures. A new report from eMarketer shows that revue from Google Ads has declined by just 1% since 2018, giving the search engine a 73.1% share of all 2019 search ad revenue to date.

The report suggests this picture will continue unchanged as we head into the New Year, predicting no more than a 2% decline by 2021.

As for where that loss will go? The data suggests that of the major players, Amazon is the only company that will grow its share of ad revenue from search, meaning it’s the only player that looks to gain ground on Google in the next 24 months.

The current standings show the top three revenue leaders to be Google, Amazon and Microsoft. While Amazon is gaining ground, it has a long way to go, it commands 12.9% of ad revenue which pales in comparison with Google’s 73.1%.

New info on video structured data

Video is one of the most engaging of ad formats and the numbers for time spent watching video online are increasing year-on-year. It’s a major point of focus for many brands and, we’d wager that it’s something that you’ll also want to pay more attention to in 2020.

Google is also expanding its focus on video and mid-November announced that it had updated its video search results with some new additions and enhancements. It updated its structured video data resource to reflect a raft of additions including:

  • Some YouTube videos may now show with a time stamp in search results – this means that search users can click through and watch the specific part of the video relevant to their search query rather than the whole video.
  • When you log into Search Console, you’ll now be able to access your video data, including how your videos are performing in search and video tabs.
  • Live streaming has been added to search results and will be marked by a badge is a live stream is taking place when a search is performed and a video returned.

Adobe holiday shopping trends revealed

Adobe has released its annual holiday shopping trends predictions with the headline news being that it expects 2019 to beat 2018’s record breaker. It forecasts that holiday spending will reach $140 / £108 billion, making a 14.1% year-on-year growth. It also expects Cyber Monday to be bigger too at a new record $9.4 / £7.2 billion, with the Black Friday weekend contributing 20% of all holiday shopping season revenue.

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