In today’s digital market pretty much everybody knows the value of a prominent search engine position for the most relevant keywords in an industry. Also, pretty much everyone knows someone who has had a nightmare SEO contract or agency that promised the earth and delivered very little.

We recently came across an article on stating 10 questions you need answering before signing with an SEO firm and we thought Adrac should answer them plus add a few of our own.

1. What SEO services do you offer?

Adrac is a full, performance driven, digital agency and we provide a full suite of SEO services. Encompassing both on-page, off-page and penalty resolution services. Success in organic rankings is a delicate art and one that requires a deep understanding of the target market coupled with both knowledge and vision of where the search engines are going between AI, algorithm updates and search query changes.

2. Do you have case studies that demonstrate your work in action?

We are happy to provide case studies of our service and the results that we deliver, live examples of our work and if required clients for you to speak with about the manner and communication during delivery.

Example: Impression increase month on month 266%
Sessions increase month on month 27%

3. How exactly will you increase my organic traffic?

Adrac employs white hat techniques in keeping with current best practices and has spoken at various events in relation to the intrinsic value great and legitimate natural search rankings deliver for business. Each SEO program is bespoke and designed following an extensive review of the current works and standing of a given domain, so why not get the review started now? I want the review

4. What tools do you use?

Adrac uses a number of industry standard tools as well as in-house technologies developed to fill in the holes current tools leave – there unfortunately is no one comprehensive SEO tool, or at least if there is we are not aware of one. The natural search team are always on the lookout and reviewing new releases as well as beta upgrades of existing tool to find better, quicker and easier ways to deliver your results.

5. What about link building?

The natural search team here at Adrac were one of the first agencies in the UK to coin the term link acquisition, we recognised early on – not least in part because of senior members of the teams involvement in search engine development – it was not the number but the quality of links that were important and that’s what we do. To coin a phrase from a local chiropractor;

“Its not how much we do but the results we get” with Adrac off-page SEO services you get a varied and wide variety of links from relevant and reputable websites. BUT you have to help.

Legitimate SEO is about providing good content and input to your industry, customers, potential customers, peers and the wider world and we refine the raw product you will be taught to, and asked to provide in this regard, it’s a partnership, if that’s not how you see SEO being delivered then you are not the right fit for us.

6. How often will you report your work?

Our performance is logged and visible in real time within, Search console, analytics, and webmaster tools. Always accessible the Adrac SEO team will also provide monthly summary reports which include month to date and month on month analysis covering;

  • Organic Sessions
  • Unique visits
  • Top ten ranking changes
  • Top twenty ranking changes

7. How can I track the changes you make to my website?

All on-page works are billed separately and documented using a quote based on the time required to complete the works, whether Adrac technical staff or your in-house team or outsourced resources are contracted to carry out the recommendations the Adrac organic search team provide, the process is the same.

  • Issues highlighted during review
  • Importance of each of the elements ie. Critical, important, recommended
  • Works documented in order to resolve the issue and develop on page SEO
  • Expected time to complete the works
  • (Adrac contracted) Comprehensive project management software used to log communication, tasks progress, feedback
  • Post works review to sign off implementation
  • Feedback and ultimately sign-off of works

8. What can you promise me if I use your services?

Improved organic traffic, relevant to your website and attracted using the content on your website and off page content developed for the purpose of improved domain authority and standing within the specific industry you operate in.

9. What is your payment structure?

Comprehensive SEO review billable per hour based on the time required to review, amongst other things, your website, links, external content, search console, analytics
A project plan for the resolution of one-off issues including, link health, on-page failures and issues, online footprint and citations setup and/or resolution.
Ongoing monthly investment on a long term contract to cover, amongst others, link building, reporting, performance reviews, competitor analysis.

10. Can you demonstrate my ROI from this investment?

Yes, prior to your investment all data sources will be used as part of the review to create a custom profile of your traffic and the results you are achieving. This bespoke plan will be used to forecast, all thing being equal, the contribution to desirable outcomes increased organic traffic will make – It’s not exact but it is something that allows you to calculate if the long term investment is viable.

11. How long will it take?

A long time, SEO is a long term strategy where success is the result of sustained investment over time to achieve improved rankings – No matter how many times we explain this it always comes up. To answer why it can’t be done quicker is an article in itself and one, whilst writing this post, has been pencilled in for production in the near future.

If you like the sound of what you have read, call 0161 393 6222 to speak with one of our advisers and set up a quote for a review.

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