These SEO tips Will help boost your website traffic and visibility and perform better on Black Friday sales

Black Friday is traditionally one of the biggest online shopping days of the year – and this year is no different. If anything, we’re expecting Black Friday 2020 to be bigger and better than ever, and go on for longer. It’s not too late to make some last minute updates to your marketing strategy, social media, website and promotional plan. Here, we’ve shared 7 tips especially for e-commerce sites that you can action right now.

Tip 1: Mobile friendly website

Now that search engines heavily focus on user experience, it is more important than ever that your website is mobile friendly. The latest data suggest that approximately 65% of traffic to e-commerce websites originates with mobile users. The good news? If you haven’t already improved your user experience for mobile visitors, you still have time to do so.

A quick way to check your website’s mobile score

Go to and enter your website URL. If your score is in the red zone, you will need to quickly improve its performance to both improve your rankings and offer a better user experience.

Tip 2: Have a promotion messaging plan

Plan your messaging. If you haven’t already started sending out your marketing messages for Black Friday, start by utilising different channels such as social media, email marketing, SEO and PPC right now. This multi-channel approach will get you in front of the customer and drive those sales.

Tip 3: Find your niche keywords

Niche keywords can play a major role in attracting customers to your site for Black Friday. The best way to develop this is to build a list of keywords related to your niche and then add purchase transaction terms. You can use Google keyword planner or other keyword research tools to do this. They will give you appropriate keyword search terms and alternatives to use for your e-commerce website.

Google Trends is also a good tool which will show you what’s trending and the type of things you can incorporate.

Black Friday Keyword ideas

  • Best deals (customers will be looking for best deals on black Friday)
  • Top Black Friday deal
  • Cheap deals
  • Black Friday deal
  • Black Friday sale

Tip 4: Link building

Share your website on other sites and get featured on good authority sites related to your niche and Black Friday where possible. This is a good way to find and get customers who are looking for deals on that day.

Tip 5: Add Alt tags to images

When you finalise your sales pages, don’t forget to add images. Incorporating images helps to grab visitor attention and focus when you are displaying sales messages. By adding sales related alt tags, search engines will crawl those images which means that your target audience may then see your images when looking at Black Friday images on Google. We have a post dedicated to image optimisation here.

Tip 6: Stand out from competitors

With the amount of competition online right now, it is important to stand out from the crowd, wherever possible. Do some competitor research and see what your rivals are offering customers. Everyone will be offering a discount so to ensure you have something different, explore additional ways to get customer attention such as extended warranties on certain products, free gifts and bundle offers.

Tip 7: Tracking user journey and customer

It is important to have the right tracking in place so you can improve the user experience and retarget visitors. Make sure Google Analytics is set up on your site along with a Facebook pixel. This will help you create a list of users who visit your site and if they do not buy anything, gives you a means of targeting them with retargeting ads.

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