It can feel like there’s a new social media hot property, content format or feature launched daily, which can make it difficult to know what your brand should be doing, and which trends it should be embracing to get the most out of a social media presence.

With so many new launches coming at you, it can be tempting to try and block out the noise and just focus on what you know – and that probably means posting regular images and updates on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Launched in 2020, Instagram Reels aren’t the newest tool that the platform offers but they are still under utilised by many brands. At just 60 seconds long, Reels were created to compete with TikTok, with video clips editable with audio and AR effects.

Here are a few reasons why now is the right time to add Reels to your social strategy

Reels amplify reach

One of the biggest incentives for brands is that Reels can amplify your reach. This is especially valuable if you find that your organic post reach has declined in recent months. With many Instagram creators publicly bemoaning the fact that no one seems to see their posts anymore, any pathway to claw back that exposure should be explored.

Reels often populate the ‘Explore’ feed which shows users content from people they don’t necessarily follow. Content is selected based on previous interactions such as type of posts commonly liked or similarities to profiles they do follow, meaning content discovered here is often very relevant to the user’s likes and dislikes.  What’s more, having your content in Explore exposes it to a substantially higher group of people than your own direct following.

They are engaging

The short format nature of Reels means they can be a little less formal than your other scheduled content, making them naturally highly engaging. Couple this with the AR features and other editing tools that Instagram offers, and you have the freedom to be more creative as a brand. This is a content format that’s perfect for letting your brand’s personality shine through.

They’re a great starting point for video content

If you’re still hesitant to create video content, either due to a lack of resource, budget or capability, Reels are the perfect soft introduction. They are intended to be recorded on a mobile device and as mentioned, Instagram provides easy-to-use editing tools, so even if you’re a video newbie, it isn’t too difficult to create a polished short form video, even without specialist camera equipment and editing software. 

They’re the perfect platform for product promotion

If you sell physical products, Reels are a handy platform for promotion. Their short form nature means that they can almost function as mini ads while allowing your audience to see a product in action. Many fashion brands for example use Reels to show their garments being worn by a real person but, this same approach can be applied to a whole host of products, from stain removers to garden furniture.

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