Do you have what it takes?

My Salespeople must know what our solution does and be so comfortable articulating it, that they can do it with salt and pepper shakers over lunch without a supporting Tech.

If you want to work for Adrac there is no room for:

  • Ignorance of your customer’s desired outcomes and business issues.
  • Ignorance of what your solution does and specifically how it can solve your customer’s business issues and deliver their desired outcomes.
  • Ignorance of when and how to engage your resources to have a meaningful impact on your sales campaign and customer results.

How do we test (examine / assess / evaluate / appraise) this?

Roll in the Whiteboard (or in our client’s case an innovative set of chalk markers and a shiny new transparent glass board). Now present a solution (any solution) in-front of a panel of judges.

  • If someone has already created a whiteboard to present a solution you are passionate about, learn it and/or have your team learn it and then we will test your presentation, understanding and in situ applied knowledge.
  • If there isn’t a whiteboard solution or you have not created one you need to create one, not wait for one, not ask for one make one.

By doing this we quickly identify the wheat from the chaff and instantly make better hiring decisions. Ask someone to stand in front of a room and whiteboard a solution (any solution), if they can do that they:

  • Absorb information
  • Apply knowledge
  • Communicate effectively
  • Have self confidence

& that’s a good start.

If you’re the Sales Agent: Use the whiteboard test to test your personal commitment to what you are selling. If you find you just don’t or can’t feel the passion or belief in what you are selling: Find something else to sell. You will be happier and much more successful.

If you are a Sales leader, quickly identify if your team can or is willing to develop super sales characteristics. For those that can and who want to, identify how give them what they need and soon – set yourself a “by when” date rather than a new entry on your to do list. But remember if you identify individuals that can’t or don’t want to (and you will), you as the sales leader need to make some quick hard decisions to find people who do.

If you are a sales professional not feeling the passion anymore, tech support who feels they can sell as good as the best of them, a sales manager with a team focused, driven but with a product that lets them down, a seasoned deal closer looking for the next challenge …………………. come and talk to us.

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