We’ve all heard the phrase, “Content is King” but have you ever stopped to ask yourself just why content is so important? It’s easy to assume that you need to create content because everyone else does or because it’s crucial for better search engine rankings but the truth is, the value of good content goes much deeper.

By taking time to really take content seriously and appreciate its power above and beyond its usefulness for rankings, you should find that your content creation efforts actually yield a much better return. After all, once you know its full potential, you’re much more likely to go all out to eke out every drop of opportunity available.

  1. Good content creates brand value

If you’re guilty of churning out content just for the sake of it simply because it’s expected of you, it’s very likely that you are missing out on its brand value potential. Great content, which is insightful, instructive, useful and well pulled together, whether that is a blog post, video, white paper or infographic, gives the consumer a reason to respect your business. You can use content to demonstrate how knowledgeable you are and exactly why your products and services are worth buying. Immediately, this adds value to your brand – but it’s only possible when you take your content creation seriously and resolve to produce really useful, impactful pieces.

  1. Content generates better recall than advertising

Studies have shown that consumers recall pieces of content more readily than they do advertising. While you’ll have to spend money to produce content just as you do to advertise, the budget you invest in content will continue to work hard for you long after your ad campaign has ended.

A study by IPG Media Lab and Forbes found that branded content positively impacted on awareness and persuasion metrics. It also aided ad recall and left readers more likely to seek out content from that brand in future. The study also showed that branded content was just as effective three years later – something that can’t often be said of an ad campaign.

Content not only helps consumers to remember your company name, it also nurtures an ongoing relationship.

  1. It’s vital for user engagement

Content makes your site sticky. It encourages people to follow you on social media and gets them to stick around when they visit your blog. This is called content velocity. A page with high content velocity encourages the user to stay on your site longer, consume more of your content and engage more deeply with your brand. A page with low content velocity means the consumer doesn’t stick around for long.

Whether you measure your engagement via likes and shares or comments on blog posts and updates, it’s content that drives the entire interaction with your brand. It may be a video, an image, a meme, a podcast or simply a written statement – however you choose to produce content, your output is what determines whether users stay and interact with you or go elsewhere.

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