We all know that social media engagement is vital to a successful brand but, it’s all too easy to publish post after post and attract very few likes, comments and shares.  This lack of engagement can mean that social media is deemed to be a waste of time – a decision which many businesses live to regret.

If you’re frustrated by the lack of activity or under pressure to drive more of a return from social media, read on to discover three ways you can boost audience interaction and power up your engagement levels.

 Tip 1: Accept you may need a paid social budget

While it is possible to generate engagement organically, nurturing that community and achieving a desired level of interaction often originates with a paid social budget. You might be disappointed with this news – especially if you thought there was an instant magic fix to boost comments and likes – but the reality is modern social media platforms are smart and want to monetise their users too.

It’s no secret that Facebook has been dialling down the number of updates from Pages show in News Feeds. As it tweaks its algorithms and continues to work towards only showing users posts from people they care about and things they are interested in, posts from Business Pages get seen less and less. That means that you might have the most interesting content of the year but very few people will actually come across it.

Facebook of course wants you to advertise. It wants you to put a budget towards boosting posts and advertising your page. If you have very low engagement levels you will need to do this in order to build some credit with the platform. Boosting a post puts it in user News Feeds – which means people will actually see your content and can like, share and comment. This traction will help your next post to be a touch more visible as you’ve shown Facebook people are interested in your updates.

Tip 2: Run a competition

Fewer posts get more likes and shares than contests and giveaways. Us consumers are hard wired to want the best possible deal after all and what’s better value than potentially getting something for nothing?!

Lots of higher profile social media personalities and brands use this tactic – simply decide on your prize and then require a like, share, tag or comment as the price of entry. This is not just a great way to boost engagement, it’s also an easy way to generate interest and buzz about a new product or partnership.

Tip 3: Mix up your content formats

It’s easy to fall into a content rut, especially on social media but a lack of engagement could spell that it simply isn’t working for you. Mix up your content types and try different formats to win over your audience and grab their attention. Video works particularly well – and you can use your own or curate from other sources.

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