Ugly web design. It’s probably not something that your brand aspires too. Most of us wouldn’t dream of briefing our web developer to create something ugly. Appearance matters.

Slick, polished and fresh websites that dazzle users with functionality, high-tech features and blow the competition out of the water with videos, images, live chat and interactive content is where it’s at, right? Well, not exactly.

While we love a stylish website here at Adrac, we also think there is a strong argument to be made for ugly web design. Hear us out here. We’re not advocating that you go back to 1990’s style designs with frames, plain white backgrounds and Pacman-style gifs. But we do believe that there is a lot to be said for clean, uncluttered and yes dare we say it – ugly – landing pages. Intrigued? Read on…

The value proposition

A basic landing page, with very little in the way of aesthetic embellishment may well give web designers nightmares for weeks but, an uncluttered, distraction-free page allows a very important element to shine through; your value proposition. Once you have done the difficult job of driving targeted traffic through to your website, the secret to conversion lies in quickly demonstrating your value proposition. If you have a strong value proposition and a great offer for your visitors, a clear, straightforward landing page helps that proposition to stand our clearly and immediately.

If your website is designed to meet a certain aesthetic standard, with busy pages full of images, distracting background pictures, sound, videos or a busy navigation, it’s easy for the value of your proposition to be diluted. Keep it simple and strip away all of the bells and whistles to bring your landing page back to (ugly) basics and the most compelling part of your entire site becomes clear – the very thing that your customers want from you.


It’s very easy as a business owner to be distracted by the shiny appeal of a slick, aesthetically appealing website. And while there are certainly parts of your site where appearance is important and elements such as sliders, graphics and pop up chat windows are useful, a more basic landing page makes it much easier to prioritise relevance. If you’re driving traffic to a page on site from AdWords, the user will have clicked through expecting to see a particular product or to be able to redeem a certain offer. A basic page immediately conveys that match – showing your visitor you can deliver as promised and making it easy for them to convert.

If you’re having trouble achieving your desired rate of conversion, ugly web design might hold the key. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about this and how we can help you with our conversions guaranteed approach.