In some ways, creating high performing B2B content is an ever bigger task than creating stellar B2C blogs, articles and infographics. The social media scheduling tool, BuzzSumo has recognised this and in an effort to help B2B publishers blueprint their path to content marketing success, analysed a whopping 52,892 articles.

Read on to find out which characteristics the best B2B content shares and what your own content marketing efforts need to duplicate to emulate that success.

1. Content is evergreen

It makes sense that the most successful content would be evergreen articles because as the content matures, it will naturally accrue more likes, shares and traffic. The BuzzSumo research found that the best B2B content scored highly on its evergreen gauge. This is an easy tip to take on board as it simply means that your focus should be on creating content that isn’t easily dated – and that means committing to updating older pieces where needed and focusing on interesting, relevant content creation moving forwards. Best practise articles and how to’s naturally fall into the evergreen category.

2. Content is highly shareable

To confidently say that you have created a good quality piece of B2B content, BuzzSumo suggests that you should target a very precise 689 social shares. Of course, this isn’t something that you would usually expect to happen right away but there are things you can do to boost your social sharing metrics. A simple tips is to ensure you have share this buttons on your blog content pages. LinkedIn sharing in particular is useful for B2B content and a trend that BuzzSumo says is on the up. Focusing at least some of your efforts on original research and higher quality content (that may take longer to produce) should also yield more social shares.

3. Headline phrases are carefully considered

The title of your article is often when incites a reader to click through but, using certain words and phrases within your title can also improve your chances according to BuzzSumo’s analysis. These titles appeared most commonly in the best performing B2B content – meaning they should also feature in your own B2B content creation process.

  • “The Future of”
  • “How to use”
  • “Need to” (without “Know”)
  • “How to Create”
  • “Here’s How”
  • “You Need to Know”

This list is not just useful to help you formulate a strong title, it can also be used as a starting off point for idea generation.

4. Longer articles perform better

When creating your content, aim for a medium length article of between 1000 – 2000 words. Most publishers create shorter pieces under 1000 words, but a bigger word count typically indicates a better quality, more detailed post and that can have a positive SEO impact. As a B2B content creator, committing to more medium length pieces instead of shorter, snackable posts can also elevate your brand ahead of the competition and make it much easier for your articles to stand out.

For help putting any of these tips into practise, call the Adrac content marketing team or get in touch with us online.

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