Way back in August, Google announced via its Webmaster Blog that it had decided to conduct an extensive redesign of Search Console. At the time, it said that it wanted to provide users with more actionable insights, better support organisational workflow and create faster feedback loops between webmasters and Google. Five months later and the new look Search Console is almost ready to go. With the beta version now ready to be rolled out to all users, let’s take a look at some of the new features we can expect to see …

New Search Performance Report

New Search Performance Report

The new Search Performance report gives 16 months of data for even deeper analytical dives. The longer period means that it will be easier to take an annual view of trends, for easier planning and forecasting, as well as enabling more useful year-on-year comparisons. This is great for tracking progress of important metrics such as clicks, impressions and click through rates and seeing how they stack up against previous efforts.

New Index Coverage

New Index Coverage


One of the most interesting facets of the new Search Console is the updated Index Coverage Report. This report will show URLs indexed, give warnings of potential issues and why URLs might not be being indexed. The Index Coverage Report works on the Console’s new issue tracking functionality, so you can expect to receive an alert as problems are identified, allowing for quicker fixes.

When an error is reported, the Index Coverage Report will show page details and offer links to diagnostic tools. A share button on the report means other team members can be looped in to resolve the problem while a validate fix function means you can tell Google when you’ve put things right.

Search Enhancements

The new Console will also make it easier to make search enhancements to things such as AMP pages and job listings. The Search Enhancements report will provide a breakdown of specific errors and warnings that Google identifies in each case. Expect the same functionality as provided in the Index Coverage report with two notable additions;

  • To facilitate faster feedback when there is an issue with AMP content or job listings, the validate fix button will trigger a number of instantaneous tests. If the page passes the test, Google will reprocess the remainder of the effected pages. If the test is failed, an immediate notification will be given.
  • A validation log will also be provided to facilitate feedback during the validation process. The log will give a list of URLs, showing fixed, pending and those that failed validation.

In addition to being a Premier Google Partner, Adrac has been delivering cutting edge natural search and organic campaigns on behalf of clients for many years. We have secured thousands of prominent page one listings across various industries for a wide variety of clients and competitive industries. The natural search team is keen to start using the new Search Console and providing the benefit of these new features to our existing clients and future prospects.

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