A recent article on The Macro got us thinking, it talked about how to pitch your company, whilst not directly looking for investment the questions were probing, thought evoking and really quite a lot of fun so we modified the questions slightly did an exercise that was simple, quick and effective and we thought we would share it.

It’s a simple task; Answer seven questions about you and your business (listed below). When we did this the task was set for every level of employee to complete and the results were startling.

A few tips

Tip 1 – It’s not about making it complicated, sound impressive, using big words or creating problems for yourself later. This exercise is about your understanding of where you work and your ability to communicate what you do and what your company does clearly, concisely and effectively.

Tip 2 – In order to achieve this you are going to need two things;

  • Very clear communication skills and
  • An absolute understanding of the subject matter.

Tip 3 – We found it much more effective when (from an analysis perspective) we split the forms by department.

So have a go, send it to your employees (Google Forms is a quick and easy way to create, distribute and record questionnaires if you are stuck on that part);

Answer the following questions about your employment, yourself and your business in the clearest, most accurate way that you can.

Q1. What do you do?

A two sentence summary of what your role in the company your work for, remember it’s about keeping it simple, getting your message across as clearly as you can.

Q2. How big is the market?

This focuses on potential customers ie, those people that you could/would target

Hint. Bottom up; look at the people currently using services similar to yours now determine who out of those you could/would target, Top down; estimate the total size of the market and determine what % you feel will be yours.

Q3. What’s your progress?

During your time what have you learnt, improved, developed.

Hint. Product development, customer experiences, support mechanisms, personal learning.

Q4. What’s your unique insight?

Hint: What do you know / do that no one else knows or is doing. What is going to make you or makes you the best, what makes you/will make you stand above your peers.

Q5. What’s your business model?

Hint: How does your business secure revenues, what makes it unique, what are the services USPs, the anchors, the key messages.

Q6. Who’s on your team?

Who are the drivers in the business, who do you rely on, who is critical to your success.

Q7. What do you want?

What can be done for you, what do you need to function better, how can you be helped to improve your performance.

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