What’s new at Pinterest?

If you’re guilty of skewing your picture-based social media marketing in favour of headline-grabber, Instagram, the original photo network has a few tricks up its sleeve.

While Pinterest might not boast the rapid user acquisition stats of Instagram, the network has added an impressive number of tools to its platform over the course of the last six months, all of them designed to give business users a boost. From new ad options to new formats, the range of tools is impressive and they all promise to help businesses just like yours increase conversions and make more sales. If you’re guilty of neglecting Pinterest of late, read on to get the low down on what’s new and how you can use it to help drive your brand and your social media marketing forwards.

New showcase feature

Pinterest showcase

The Pinterest business revolution has been running hard and fast in 2017 with innovation after innovation. However, our first inkling that the platform was about to focus on business users actually came back in November when it rolled out a showcase for brands.

The rotating showcase is a hand-picked selection of the best images and ideas you have to offer. It’s the first thing visitors see, with Pinterest saying this should shape the story of your brand on its network. There’s a shop slot within the showcase, so you can use it to draw attention to your promoted pins and drive more sales and the look and feel is consistent across desktop and mobile app, helping to create an omnichannel experience.

New promoted video option introduced

Pinterest promoted videos

Pinterest might be primarily associated with images but just as with Instagram, it’s also dipping a toe into video. It has launched a new promoted video option which is available now to business users. Pinterest describes this option as a way for businesses to tell their story using a rich new canvas and a useful format for showing consumers how your ideas will work for them. This could be a case of showing a product being used, how to do something using one of your items or be a case of a video tour or your premises or similar.

Promoted videos will now get an auto-play function so they can run in an episode style format, allowing for more immersive storytelling. Pinterest has been testing the development with a select number of US and UK clients. Feedback from agencies and business users is that Pinterest Promoted Videos reach intent-driven audiences, which helps to drive action. With a multiple video showcase and auto-play, new story telling methods can be explored.

Changes to ad structure with the introduction of ad groups

In January, Pinterest said that it would be changing the way ads are structured on the platform with the introduction of ad groups for advertisers.

If you’ve advertised on Pinterest previously, you’ll know that the campaign structure was limited to just two elements – the ad campaign and then Promoted Pins. A new ad groups element has been added to this, giving advertisers more control over Promoted Pins budget, targeting and campaign execution.

Each ad group can hold a number of Promoted Pins. Advertisers can now assign specific budgets and targeting settings to individual ad groups, so performance can be managed and tested more easily. This addition brings the ad management structure more in line with the set-up used on Facebook or Instagram.

Introducing Pinterest Marketing Partners

Pinterest has extended its third party marketing network to include marketing partners across two new areas of expertise, measurement and audiences. As part of this change, the Marketing Developers Program, which was launched in 2015, has also been overhauled and renamed. It will now be known as Marketing Partners.

While this change won’t have a major impact on how you use Pinterest for your audience acquisition and social media marketing day-to-day, it does indicate that the network plans to focus more on its business services which is good news if social media is a major part of your digital strategy.

Search ads added to Pinterest

Pinterest search ads

The social network’s figures show that around 150 million people use Pinterest each month for inspiration and planning assistance.  These users carry out 2 billion searches, many for products and services they want to buy, across 75 billion pins.

To help business owners harness this intent and volume, Pinterest has added Search Ads on Pinterest to connect shoppers with products and services. In its official announcement, it said, “We’re rolling out a full suite of features, including Keyword and Shopping Campaigns that are shown in search results, along with powerful new targeting and reporting options. And we’re continuing with our ongoing commitment to promote relevant content that makes Pinterest better for everyone.”

Direct from Pinterest app downloads

Pinterest app downloads

One of the very latest additions to Pinterest’s burgeoning suite of business-focused features is direct app downloads. Announced at the end of March, Promoted App Pins is a new format available to all advertisers which mixes apps in with regular Pinterest content. Just set up a Promoted Pin for your app and then, users can download it directly from Pinterest as they are browsing for image and product inspiration.

Pinterest says that because of the nature of the platform, the downloads have a high lifetime value, “Our tests showed that you’ll get downloads from people ready to make the most of your app—now and into the future—leading to more in-app actions, like signing up for your services and making additional purchases.”

If you’re struggling to stand out via traditional channels such as the App Store or Google Play, this option is potentially a very exciting new avenue to explore.

Is your digital marketing or social media agency putting all of these new possibilities to work for your brand on Pinterest? If not, give us a call or send us an email to find out how we can use these features to drive more conversions for your marketing budget.


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