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The question of when to post on social media is one that has plagued marketers and business owners for years. Attempting to identify the sweet spot and have your Facebook posts or Instagram images appear at exactly the right time of day and day of week to hit maximum engagement is the holy grail of internet marketing.


The Facebook sweet spot appears to be afternoon later in the week. Research shows Thursday – Sunday posts generate the higher engagement. Ideally, posts should be scheduled at 1pm for the post shares and 3pm for the most clicks. 9am is also a sweet spot as people log on to catch up on what’s new when they first go online.


Mid-week at noon is the bull’s eye for the best performing tweets so be sure to have posts ready to live on Wednesday at 3.00pm. The 5.00pm – 6.00pm timeslot is also a peak time, with research showing that Twitter users are 181% more likely to check their account during their commute. If you’re a B2B brand, your tweets will perform 16% better if you schedule for business hours, while B2B tweets are 17% better at the weekend.


If your business is active on Pinterest, you should aim to be the most active on Saturday and Sunday. Pinterest users tend to log on later, with research suggesting that 2.00pm, 9.00pm and 2.00am are the best times to upload your pins. The 8-11pm slot on Saturdays is the pinnacle, with pins shared during the working day shown to perform the worst.


As a B2B platform, it makes sense that the best LinkedIn posts appear during the working week. Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday posts do best, but, before and after work updates tend to generate the most engagement. Aim for first thing, to tap into the B2B community that logs on as they get to their desk to stay up to date with business news.


Monday and Thursday are the best days to share your Insta posts, particularly if you can hit the 8-9am, 5pm and 2am time slots. If you have a video to post, aim for 9pm for 34% more interactions.

Research source: Coschedule

Use these best post times as a guide to develop your own posting schedule. From here, you should study when you get the best engagement from your particular audience. Is it a certain day or particular times of the day? Experiment and refine your posting schedule to fit your business and its customers.

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