When creating PPC ads, businesses can choose to incorporate their brand name – or even other forms of branding elements – into the ad to build a branded campaign.

But what’s the point, right?

At Adrac, that’s something we hear time and time again. When we’ve worked closely with our clients to develop strong SEO strategies to drive organic traffic, it’s natural that there’s some hesitancy here. One of the first questions that we’re asked when branded PPC is suggested is ‘why do we need to invest in branded campaigns when we’ve already used SEO to reach the top of the SERPs organically?’. And it’s a good question.

Clients don’t want to invest in advertising they don’t need. And we don’t want them to.

But we still believe that brand is vital in paid search advertising. Why? Let’s look at two scenarios:

Scenario 1: You think you’re No. 1 in the results

Great! Except you may not really be at the top of the SERPs… at least from your audience’s perspective. As we all know, Google places sponsored ads above the organic search results, differentiating the two with a single emboldened ‘AD’ marker.

It’s obvious when we’re looking for it, but the truth is that many users can’t tell the two apart, especially when they’re just scanning the results. And so, even if you’ve reached the top organically, you could still lose clicks to a competitor bidding on your brand.

Scenario 2: You really are No. 1 in the results

Of course, sometimes your competitors won’t have bid on your brand name. That means, if you’re top of the organic results through SEO, then you really are first in the user’s eyes. So do you need a branded PPC campaign if there’s no competition?

You don’t *need* one… but it could help you to hone your marketing efforts, derive more value from your campaigns, and ultimately do more with less. Two listings – PPC and organic – in the SERPS is an unrivalled opportunity to test copy and landing pages.

Giving Google What it Wants

Many believe that their products and services are their greatest customer-facing asset. They’re not. Your most valuable asset is your brand. Brand loyalty is real, and it matters.

Users search for brands. And, as we all know, Google is obsessed with relevance. The search engine giant has made huge changes over the past few years to provide more relevant results for users. Branded PPC ads allow Google to do this – with ease – and so the search engine loves branded ads; it loves to be able to put the right brand in front of those searching for it, and tailors its sponsored ad algorithms precisely for this. 

Low hanging fruit? Sure. But there’s nothing wrong with making your brand work for you. Get in touch with us now to get started.

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