Our Process in its Simplest Form

Let us know what is important to you

Every business knows what is important to it, that singular measure that defines in one objective what the company needs to happen for it to be regarded as a success. For us it is conversions for our clients for you it may be sales, calls, turnover, traffic. For each business this can be slightly different and making sure we understand this from the onset is vitally important.

The team may well take some time to ensure we have this right as it is the cornerstone of all that happens next get this wrong and our partnership with you is on a course to failure. With the way the Adrac business model works we cannot afford to invest in partnerships that fail and its not good for morale so be warned knowing what you want us to achieve for you is of the utmost importance.


Grant us access to the platforms you have been using

In order to qualify for our guaranteed delivery you will already be achieving your stated objective using either one or more marketing methods – We need that data.

The more access we have the larger the data set the greater the level of access the better the team can identify patterns, the more accurate the models.

The team will be on hand to help you grant us access and we follow all the platforms and marketing best practices, your safe in the knowledge that we won’t change anything and that we are certified to operate the platforms we are asking for access to.

Allow us time to analyse the data

Once we have access to the data we need we apply our bespoke analysis techniques, tools and technology to extract key metrics, identify patterns, create models, help understand customer persona, log effects of competitor behaviours and more all of what we do here is focused on helping us ensure we deliver what we have guaranteed you.


Listen to our findings – Proposal

We will share our findings – that’s right you will be assigned a key account manager at the onset of this process who will be with you throughout the process and who will be in touch with you to run through what we have found.

It’s not just because we are really nice people, which we are, but also because we are serious about our partnerships so much so that we Guarantee what we say so we have to know that we are able to add real, measurable, tangible benefit to your digital marketing because if we can’t then there is no benefit to us or you and that’s no good for anyone.

Agree to the guaranteed like for like measure

If you like what we tell you and if we like what we see then we need a plan.

At this stage we look at what you stated you wanted in the first stages of our conversations, we match this to the data we have seen and we come back to you with a proposition.

The proposition is simple no long winded proposals, no confusing and complicated sounding marketing jargon a simple guaranteed performance. Ensuring this works needs one key element and this is an agreed measure – it’s why we stressed it so much in stage 1.

If we all agree we draw up contracts, you sign them, we book in the order, you pay us

Sit back and watch us deliver on our contractually guaranteed performance

We deliver, our reporting is simple and feedback is constant whilst your success is Guaranteed.

We could help you with your next project?

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