Agency Fee Calculator


The Adrac Agency Fee Calculator allows you quickly and easily enter key information in relation to marketing performance and generate the performance having included the administrative or agency fee costs your are paying as part of your digital marketing spend.

In order to use the tool you will require:

  • Your Ad Spend
  • Information on the Agency fee arrangement ie. Fixed Fee or % of spend
  • The amount you pay monthly in Agency Fees

When completed the tool will provide

  • The true total monthly investment for digital adverting (including the administrative costs)
  • The true CPA (Cost per Acquisition)


  • The additional performance Adrac would guarantee to provide (should you qualify) and were to invest the administrative non productive spend into the campaign under the Adrac guarantee.

Please Note – The applicable additional money the client would need to spend in order to get the conversions Adrac would guarantee to deliver with your existing agency and the associated agency fee that would then be applicable and as such the loop that is repeated with agency fee applicable and new conversions.

You can access the tool at –