Analytics Implementation


Adrac Analytics qualified individuals create, implement and test your custom Analytics deployment.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.  No matter what industry you are in Google Analytics will help you evaluate the full customer journey. Some of the advantages of Google Analytics include;

  • Deeper Customer Insights
  • Better Business and Customer Understanding
  • Website Performance Measures
  • Engagement and Bounce Rate Monitoring
  • Improved Marketing Targeting
  • Bleed Point Identification
  • Enhanced Remarketing Capabilities
    & Many More

Adrac Analytics qualified individuals will work with our in-house technical team or alongside your technical resources to create, implement and test your custom Analytics deployment so that you can see within Analytics:

Total visistor numbers from all sources
Visitor’s country and City of origin
Keywords generating traffic to your website
Visitor’s browser, devices and much more…

It will also be possible to:

Create event tracking
Set up daily/weekly/monthly Google Analytics reports.