Set up Google Tag Manager (GTM)


Creation and implementation of Google Tag Manager.

Google Tag Manager gives you the power to create and update tags for your website and mobile apps, any time you want, at the speed of your business without the need to involve or make technical changes to your website code or back end.

Adrac will
  • Create a Google Tag Manager Account
  • Implement the code on your website
  • Create the events* to track aspects of importance to you inc.
    Contact us forms
    Subscription events
    Quick Enquiry
  • Transfer Google Analytics or any Analytics Tag via Google Tag Manager
  • Transfer Google AdWords via Tag Manager
  • Transfer Any Bing events via Tag Manager
  • Test the events and implementation

* Maximum 5 events. I can create more events (add-on services).

In order to complete this service Adrac will require:
Access to your website source
Access to your Analytics accounts
Access to your Webmaster Tools
Access to your Adwords and Bing accounts

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