Setup Google Analytics with Advance Tracking Goals like Event tracking & Conversion


We give you everything you need to actively monitor your users. From giving detailed conversion data about what users are purchasing and how they went about it to how a user behaves and what they click on your site.

Google provides outstanding tools to measure traffic input and visitor behaviour on a website. But these tools are complex and to be effective must be set correctly by a professional in order to get the detail and analyse what is happening on your website.

Adrac ensure your Google Analytics is tracking everything your site needs in order to give you the real picture of what your users / customers and potential customers are doing.

With this package you get:

  1. Analytics setup
  2. Webmaster tools Setup
  3.  Tag Manager Integration with event tracking:
    – All Outbound Links Tracked
    – All Internal Links Tracked
    – Mail & Telephone link tracking
    – 5 unique tracking goals e.g. newsletter signups
  4. Ecommerce Conversion tracking setup
  5. Goal conversion tracking setup
  6. Referral traffic filtering
  7. Google Product Linking

Upon request: An introduction session on how to read your analytics data.
If required Sitemap Creation and submission