Video analytics

Professional video hosting service allowing significant analytical data gathering  and in-built seo functionality.

Adrac video marketing services start with the implementation a professional video analytics package.  Being able to understand how visitors are interacting with your video content allows optimisation of both the content and the marketing bringing people to your video content.

Our service will provide you with;


  • Video heat-maps that shows exactly which parts of the video the viewer watched, skipped, and re-watched.
  • Trend graphs that allow you to track how your entire video library performs over time.
  • Engagement graphs and action analytics that show how your audience as a whole are responding to your videos.
  • The ability to share internal or private videos by permission
  • In built video SEO JSON-LD meta data (including transcripts) into your websites pages
  • Domain restriction capabilities meaning you can control the sites and domains where your video can be played
  • The ability to IP filter Video data analytics
  • Add thumbnails to emails with full tracking
  • Record and review visitor viewing history
  • Auto encode and deliver Flash, HTML5 versions at multiple resolutions inc HD
  • The ability to share video social media with full tracking
  • SEO video sitemaps

The service is provided by a partner and is a monthly on-going charge.

Additional information


£50 + vat