Social Media Marketing

Social media is an increasingly important component of any Internet marketing campaign

Social Media Marketing is simple

Develop a custom social media marketing strategy that helps establish your companies’ voice as the dominant voice in your industry and then use a number of reaching out initiatives to increase the radius of influence, easy to say exceptionally complex to make effective.

Social media strategy helps

  • Foster meaningful relationships between businesses and customers
  • Provides another communication channel to your customers
  • Generates positive SEO benefits that can help your rankings

Still undecided? Consider the following

Both Google and Bing have confirmed that they take tweets, likes, shares and the “social authority” of a user into consideration in their search algorithms.

  • There are over 1 Billion active users on Facebook, that’s officially more global users on Facebook than there are people in all of Europe
  • Studies show Social metrics are well correlated with higher search engine rankings

How do we do this?

  • Social Status Analysis of your company, products and where applicable officers
  • Increase brand reach by increasing fans, followers and +1`s
  • Formulation of a custom online social media and content Strategy
  • Encouragement to participate in the wider online social community for your industry
  • Identification of “key influencers” within your industry
  • Implementation of a “Reach Out” program for your business
  • Share and distribute content in line with agreed targets
  • Identification of “key influencers” within your target customer bases
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