Success Stories

Below is just a small selection of some of the fantastic clients Adrac works with and shows the progress they’ve made whilst working with us.

Grow market share with minimal cost per conversion increase

Adrac was called in to devise a long term strategy that aligned with business growth targets and stimulated bookings but minimised cost per conversion increases. Our mission was simple – to deliver market share growth with as close to a static cost per conversion possible throughout that growth phase.  Simple to say, tricky to achieve.

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Bookings grew 6% in year one to more than 16% in year two. Cost per conversion increase was a negligible 2%, offset by the increased order value and lower true cost of each vehicle hire booking.
The business was ten weeks away from closing down – giving us a tight window of opportunity to resolve the issue before the worst happened.

Re-Instate Client in Google SERPS after Search Engine Ban

We started by looking for a needle in a haystack  – the cause of the exclusion. Adrac’s SEO team sifted through more than 23,447 links to identify the tipping point. We used manual processing and our own technology to analyse each one and then categorise all links back to the client website.

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Update of Company Web Presence

In line with the companies off-line efforts the company directors requested Adrac review the existing website and come back with recommendations on how to overcome the sites inability to update.

Quickly the team determined the cause of the upgrade failures as hard coded changes made to the platform used to build the site.  Discussions moved to developing a workaround that allowed the site to remain active and upgrade the software.

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Taking stock of the site performance pre-build and post build Adrac were able to clearly demonstrate the benefit of the upgrade which included a 92% reduction in bounce rate
Adrac’s strategy led to massive gains in campaign efficiency. Using improved relevance and targeting techniques over a 12 month period, the average cost per click fell by 40%.

Year on Year Growth

Our bread and butter is delivering improved performance year on year for clients. We do this despite increased competition year on year and regardless of the inevitable rise in cost per click month by month. But what happens when a business gets to the point where additional conversions are no longer feasible? Campaign stagnation.

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Brand Change with a view to Regain Pre-merge performance

Adrac was asked not only to deliver the campaign but also devise a set of markers for monitoring and reporting that showed the key brand metrics that mattered to the client at both Director and Board level.

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Over a six-month period the new brand exceeded the previous markers in traffic by over 200% and conversions by over 13%
Our solution was the formulation of a highly targeted localised organic search campaign using keyword data gathered over several years of providing the clients digital marketing needs

Local Targeted Growth

Adrac‘s PPC team has worked with this client for a number of years and have successfully established dominance in the areas that the client operates in but it was time to do more.

With the relatively small size of the client in the target industry, successful expansion in the first instances was of paramount importance for both the client and Adrac.

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