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Brand Change with a View to Regain
Pre-merge Performance

The client

Adrac was approached by a leading software provider in the digital marketing space. The client had reached the end of an aggressive acquisition journey and was at point where the technologies were to be merged and launched under a single unified brand.

Impressions Served
Campaign Final CTR
Incoming Traffic Increase
Conversion Count Increase

The challenge

With the client operating in multiple territories under multiple brands with varying degrees of brand strength in each territory the first challenges was establishing the strongest global brand to move ahead with.

Adrac was asked not only to deliver the campaign but also devise a set of markers for monitoring and reporting that showed the key brand metrics that mattered to the client at both Director and Board level.

To make things more interesting the Adrac team were given a six month window to re-establish the visibility and strength of the new unified brand against the soon to be defunct brands.

Our mission – Evaluate brand strength, make recommendations, push the new brand and within six months have re-established the software provider’s position as one of the leading providers of personalisation software in the digital marketing space using one unified brand.

Our solution

The team worked with the client to establish the key metrics that mattered. Once key metrics were established the team set about creating a reporting format that allowed big data to be shown in an easy to understand format.

With reporting and objectives signed off the aggregate “brand strength” was determined and a date set for the launch of the new unified offering. Post launch the unified brand strength was established and a plan to develop brand familiarity was developed in key areas and territories where the new brand was lacking.

Over a six-month period the new brand exceeded the pervious markers in traffic by over 200% and conversions by over 13%.


The client is considering an aggressive market share capture from its top three competitors in two of its most lucrative markets – a report that we put together for them.

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