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Local Targeted Growth


A highly profitable localised firm wished to expand its market in a specialised niche industry dominated by several key players who guarded the market place with aggressive and collusive tactics. With a limited budget the client needed to expand its operations without alerting the major players to its intentions.

Total Web Traffic Increase
Areas now Operating In
Bounce Rate Decrease
Organic Traffic Increase

The Challenge

Adrac‘s PPC team has worked with this client for a number of years and have successfully established dominance in the areas that the client operates in but it was time to do more.

With the relatively small size of the client in the target industry, successful expansion in the first instances was of paramount importance for both the client and Adrac.

A requirement not to alert the market of intentions meant that standard campaign expansions had been rejected in the past so creating a solution that allowed market gains without being visibly noticeable was a key requirement of the strategy that was to be deployed.

We simply couldn’t resist.

The Solution

Our solution was the formulation of a highly targeted localised organic search campaign using keyword data gathered over several years of providing the clients digital marketing needs.

Developing the website to incorporate the additional target areas was proposed, accepted and implemented and following a bedding in period white hat off-site SEO techniques were employed to bring the site up in organic positions in the target areas for the most lucrative of terms.

Using a non-national approach paid dividends for the client with the client successfully repeating that strategy no less then eleven times in the last three years.

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