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Technical Overall, Onsite, Shopping and SEO Improvements

The Problem

Speedy web technology is to an online retailer what a Ferrari engine is to a racing driver – one of the key tools for winning a race. This client came to Adrac in need of a complete overhaul both under the hood and across the paintwork. A website that wasn’t compatible with upgrades was causing a number of operational headaches in a very competitive market space not least of which was security issues and lack of Google visibility.

Clicks Down
Average Cost Per Click Increased
Conversions Increased
Cost per conversion decreased

The Challenge

A previous agency had created a website riddled with development flaws. The site could not be upgraded with problems hard coded into the fabric of each page. This meant the client’s entire online inventory and customer data was vulnerable to security breaches. Online visibility was suffering, sales were lethargic and online marketing spend was up while conversions were down.

Adrac was called in to deliver a holistic marketing solution, tackling the technical problems while also working to fill the gaps in online visibility, wasted marketing spend and a poor Google merchant campaign.

Our Solution

With leaks to plug, the Adrac digital marketing and technical teams set to work in tandem. The digital marketers identified failings in the offsite campaigns with the web techs were tasked with identifying and shortlisting exactly which aspects of the site were likely to fail when an upgrade was attempted.

The client was presented with a comprehensive report highlighting the nature and scope of remedial work to be completed before the necessary upgrades could be installed. A roll out plan was created based on client feedback.

While the web technology was brought up to date over a three month period, critical onpage optimisation work was begun, tested and completed. With the website issues well on their way to being resolved, the digital marketing team was able to overhaul the Google Merchant Centre Feed. The upgrades meant more relevant information was generated, while a much needed automation function transformed the way the site interacted with Google – real time updates could be sent to the shopping hub, so only the most relevant data was picked up as part of the digital marketing efforts.

This may not sound like a big change but, the real impact was significant – irrelevant data and out of stock data was removed from the feed, meaning no wasted spend on clicks the client was unable to convert into sales. Conversions leapt by 50% as shoppers were finally able to find exactly what they were looking for when they needed it. The cost per conversion dropped by more than 100%, from almost half the volume of clicks the client needed to make a sale before bringing Adrac on board.

Less irrelevant clicks = more sales for a lower spend. Simple.

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