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Year on Year Growth

Background Year Zero V Zero One of Adrac Digital Marketing  

Our bread and butter is delivering improved performance year on year for clients. We do this despite increased competition year on year and regardless of the inevitable rise in cost per click month by month. But what happens when a business gets to the point where additional conversions are no longer feasible? Campaign stagnation.

Impressions Decreased
Clicks Increased
Average Cost Per Click Down
Cost per conversion decreased

The Challenge

Adrac‘s PPC team has worked with this client for a number of years. They had reached the enviable position of being able to say that the volume of conversions being achieved across their digital marketing activity was sufficient.

To any business this may sound strange – after all marketing takes place to drive sales. For this client, our previous digital marketing efforts had worked a little too well and their production facility had reached capacity. While the production side of their business would be expanded with new facilities, it would take time to do so. The client didn’t want to cease marketing activity as it still needed sales to survive, it simply couldn’t handle a larger volume than was already being achieved until the new production hub came online.

The Solution

Our solution was to improve campaign efficiency while our client worked on improving business capacity. With this in mind we set about creating a strategic plan to maximise performance while still maintaining current sales volumes – a non too easy juggling act.

Adrac’s strategy led to massive gains in campaign efficiency. Using improved relevance and targeting techniques over a 12 month period, the average cost per click fell by 40%.

In order to stem the influx of new orders, we removed all but the most productive key terms from the campaign.  Average positions dropped but the number of clicks increased by more than 20% – proof of the power of a focused campaign.

Our client also experienced a 23.73% increase in conversion value with an associated 32.71% reduction in overall cost per conversion.

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